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Weaving dreams and eternal optimism: Cinder-ella

I waited for two days to see whether this novel stays in my mind, before writing anything on it. It did, so I thought I should write.
You know the first thing I did after reading this? I went to the first page of the novel on kindle, and gave a search for the word 'secular'. And the search returned with zero results.
I am a fan of TN Seetharam's serials, though he doesn't do them anymore. What was it that made me wait for TN Seetharam's serials? It was the script /dialogue, and the story I was looking forward to. The twists and turns, political and legal thriller drama - different from other soap operas adhering to ready TRP formulae.
The satisfaction of watching a TNS serial is what I got when I finished reading Soumya Aji's Cinder-ella. When I started off, I didn't know what to expect. As I proceeded, it looked like a triangular love story, and the author's dedication of the book to Nirbhaya looked out of place. But it wasn't, as I…

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